Florunday works with Italian and international designers, both renowned end emerging talents, in order to make its collection ever more comprehensive and complete. It does so by sourcing from the rich legacy of knowledge of the Italian Chair District it is part of, but also by looking to new horizons, especially those of Scandinavian inspiration, which it has strong ties with since the very beginning.
It is this shared laboratory of ongoing research, attention for all that is new and agreeable, creative intuitions and ideas, that creates a constant flow of new and unique products. They go alongside the “evergreen” models that have marked the Florunday Collection since its start, which are also customizable in an endless combination of colours and materials.

Kristjan Suligoj 853 1280 Florunday

Kristjan Suligoj

A Generation-Z talent, Kristjan Suligoj credits his passion to developing fashionable and innovative models to the Interior design and photography school, which has instilled in him limitless perspectives to the world of arts. A bright future awaits this promising designer who stuns with the audacity of his contemporary creations and constant quest for visual perfection…

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Simone Noselli 852 1280 Florunday

Simone Noselli

Born in Udine in 1999, Simone Noselli education roots in the heart of the Italian Chair District, where he attended the Professional School for Industry and Craftmanship. At a very young age he starts ‘Simone Noselli PrEtotype’, a consulting Company for the innovation of processes in the furniture field. After his degree he moves to…

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